In March of this year (2020) we suspended operation of Village House due to the dangers and uncertainties of the COVID-19 virus. In light of the continuing spread of the virus and the even more uncertain future, the Village House Executive Committee has arrived at the very difficult conclusion that Village House will not be re-opening. Our volunteer model of staffing the shelter with large numbers of church volunteers, many over the age of 65, is looking less and less viable as this pandemic drags on. We had a very good run from our inception in 2016 and all the credit rightfully goes to you, our volunteers, for giving of yourselves.

Village House will be disbursing our excess operating funds in the form of grants to local agencies whose focus is on the homeless. Many agencies in that arena have been hit very hard by the virus. We will also be continuing, in some fashion, the use of the Village House shower trailer, initially to help support one or more ‘Car Park’ networks in the area.

Once again, thank you for all of your service and support for the last 5 years!