About Village House

Village House – An Interfaith Shelter of Hope Network consists of a rotation of religious organizations providing shelter and safety for one month each.  At this point quite a few organizations are participating!  This is a year-round program!

For a list of participating organizations and the overall shelter schedule, visit the following pages on the overall Village House program web site:

Many parishes, unable to offer shelter, have offered assistance of money and volunteers.  Several other churches have opened their facilities during the day. 

Program History

Village House was initially started in 2016 by Holy Spirit Parish.  Many other parishes and religious organizations soon joined in.  This included St. Martin of Tours Parish, which provided shelter for 1 week in 2016.  The program was a huge success at St. Martin’s.

The following video highlights the 2016 program (at Holy Spirit):

Read more about Village House at the overall program website.

Program Coordination (at St. Martin’s)

Members of the Peace and Justice Commission at St. Martin of Tours are doing the groundwork.  We will need many volunteers.  Anyone interested in pursuing a leadership role within the program is encouraged to contact us!  Leadership roles can range from planning/coordinating dinners during a particular week of the program, to overall training planning and execution.